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Positive outcomes and an enhanced quality of life.

Positive outcomes
and an enhanced quality of life.

Patients, Families & Caregivers
Our hospital-to-home services make your transition safe and effective.

Home Infusion - A Clinical Shift in Treatment

Home Infusion Therapy is a unique specialty pharmacy practice setting in which the primary goal is to provide infusion drugs safely and effectively to patients in their places of residence. The concept emerged in the early 1980’s with new medical technologies that gave the patients an effective choice to receive specialty infusion therapies in the comfort of their homes.

CarePoint Partners is a visionary leader and provider of pharmacy and related services for patients in need of at home infusion therapy, specialty infusions and specialty injections. The comprehensive care provided to patients is for acute and chronic conditions that necessitate clinical monitoring and oversight by specially trained pharmacists, nurses, and dietitians. CarePoint Partners strives to be a leading provider of customer focused pharmacy and related healthcare services in the home or an alternate site.

By collaborating with the full spectrum of healthcare professionals and the patient, CarePoint Partners provides cost-effective care that is driven by quality, customer service, and values that promote positive outcomes and an enhanced quality of life for those we serve.

Advantages to Home Infusion Therapy:

  • Continuity of care from hospital to home
  • Clinical monitoring by experienced professionals
  • Patient and caregiver can resume most daily activities
  • Decreased need for hospitalization and associated costs
  • Clinical education and active participation in the recovery process